Coolie Colors (2016-2017)
Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast

Cane Portraiture: The Descendants (2016)
University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Cane Portraiture: Fields Of Dreams (2016)
Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto

NATURES A Guerilla Girl Story / “Toi Charlie, Moi Brahim” (2015)
O’Born Contemporary, Toronto

WARDROBES: Ohrni (2014)
AGYU,  Toronto

Bathwater: A Sur Rodney (Sur) Story (2014)
NYC Mix Festival, New York,

Our Holy Waters, And Mine (2014)
Queens Museum, New York

every day I remember something new (version 4) (2013)
Supernova, Rosslyn/Washington, DC 

WARDROBES: (Made In Love) (2013)
Jamaica Center for Performing Arts, Queens, New York

“I Love You, Yoko Ono” (2013) Videofag, Toronto

WARDROBES: Rum and Roti (2012) REEL ASIAN International, Toronto 

WARDROBES: Cutlass (2011)
OnlyOne Gallery, Toronto

every day I remember something new- (2011)
Queen West Art Crawl, Toronto

Khush: A Show of Love (2011)
CLGA, Toronto

“Rum and Roti” (2011)
Synthesis Arts Gala, Toronto

WARDROBES: Preview (2011)
Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

“Lorraine O’Grady’s Natures” (2011) Radio documentary (Producer/Narrator)