Coolie Coolie Viens (McIntosh)

108 pages, 9” x 7 ½” 100 lb uncoated, perfect bound and gold foil stamped limited edition. Includes the art object “Animal.”  Essays in English or French by
    Andre Bagoo
    Gaiutra Bahadur
    Marina Carter
    Jane Clinton
    Jon Davies
    Richard Fung
    Joy Mahabir
    Nalini Mohabir
    Jillian Olivierre
    Lisa Outar
    Marsha Pearce
    Chantal Persad
    Alexandre Tharaud
    Khal Torabully

All the Flowers (RMG)

9” x 7 ½”,  100 lb uncoated, perfect bound. Essay by Lanie Treen.

1, 2 (Duggal)
Collaboration with Kelly Sinnapah Mary. 9” x 7 ½”,  uncoated, perfect bound limited edition artist book.
Each of the 108-book edition is numbered, signed and sealed; the story which accompanies the exhibited drawings are known only to readers of the book.