Critical Engagements

Darren Chang and Lauren Corman, “Colonialism, Domestication, & Extinction: A Pre-Mortem for Our Ecological Futures,” Animal Studies Journal

Zachary Myers
hosts Caribbean Studies “New Books Network” podcast episode on Nature’s Wild

Rajiv Mohabir, “We are Animal. So What?Small Axe 71

Michelle Rowley, “This is You Become the Animal you are so Bent on Becoming,” Small Axe 71

Kedon Willis, “Embracing our Animal Selves: The Liberatory Politics of Andil Gosine’s Nature’s Wild,” Small Axe 71

Jean-Thomas Tremblay reviews Nature’s Wild in “Black Ecologies,” in GLQ

Supriya M. Nair reviews Nature’s Wild in Nieuwe West-Indische Gids [*Please note error in text; the painting “Nature’s Wild” was derived from the text, not vice-versa].

Weisong Gao reviews Nature′s Wild in Critical Inquiry

Keith McNeal reviews Nature’s Wild in the Journal of Indentureship Studies

Conversations in Atlantic Theory: Andil Gosine on Nature’s Wild,” by Keisha Simone Allan and Fatema Seck, Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy

Richard Fung, The Enigma of Harold Sonny Ladoo (film)

Group exhibition engages the past lives of Colin Robinson...Nicholas Boston reviews The Plural of He

From the Wreckage of Caribbean Migration, A New Kind of Beauty,”* by Aruna D’Souza
[*New York Times print edition titled “From the trauma of migration springs beauty.”] 

Vanessa Godden reviews everything slackens in a wreck for Journal of the Asian Diasporic Visual Arts of the Americas

Watery Archives: Transoceanic Narratives in Andil Gosine’s Our Holy Waters, And Mine,” by Subhalakshmi Gooptu
*Companion Lecture available here

First Reader: Nature’s Wild (Duets) by Aidan Flynn

Nature’s Wild: A Primer,” by Jane Clinton

Annabel Keenan reviews everything slackens in a wreck in Brooklyn Rail

Newsday features by Janelle De Souza on Nature’s Wild and everything slackens in a wreck

“The difficult truths of power,” by Marsha Pearce

After ‘Indo-Caribbean’: Interrogating Interstitial Identities and Diasporic Solidarities in conversation with Andil Gosine,” by Jillian Ollivierre, Histoire Sociale/Social History

Andil Gosine in conversation with Faith Smith

Andil’s rêvenir,” by André Bagoo

Bios and Bookmarks: Andil Gosine’s Nature’s Wild,” with Shivanee Ramlochan

Tender Exchanges,” by Colin Robinson

Andil Gosine’s Cane Portraiture and the Aesthetics of Indenture,” by Matthew Ryan Smith
PDF also available here.

Andil Gosine: Coolie Coolie Viens,” by Ramabai Espinet

“After ‘Indo-Caribbean’: Interrogating Interstitial Indentities and Diasporic Solidarities in Conversation with Andil Gosine,” by Jillian Ollivierre

Hidden stories in the family photo album,” by Nalini Mohabir

Cutlass: Objects toward a theory of representation,” by Kaneesha Cherelle Persard

Beyond Créolité and Coolitude, the Indian on the Plantation,” by Ananya Jahanara Kabir

Why Indian women became the faces of these Victorian-era postcards...” CNN

Meet the Most Exciting Caribbean Artists of 2018,” by Monique McIntosh

Where Trauma Resides, by Vanessa Agard-Jones

Kala Pani: Aesthetic Deathscapes and the Flow of Water After Indenture,” by Nalini Mohabir

Coolitude poetics of Andil Gosine,” Rajiv Mohabir

Solo exhibition...a powerful gift to visitors,” by Megan Meuller

Andil Gosine: Coolie Coolie Viens,” by Jasmine Sihra

Andil Gosine: A Geography of Movement,“ by Anvita Budhraja

A fresh view,” by Murray Whyte


For Andil” by Rajiv Mohabir