Andil Gosine (PhD, MPhil, BES)
Professor of Environmental Arts and Justice, York University


WENDY NANAN at the Art Museum of the Americas
 “Wendy Nanan
Breath: Wendy Nanan at the AMA
Désir Cannibale
Very Mongoose
Indenture (”Keywords for Caribbean Studies”)
Interracial Picturesque
 “Environmental racism and justice in Canada
Environmental Justice and Racism in Canada
Untitled (2019),” Migration & Indigenous Sovereignty, SSJ
The difficult truths of power” by M. Pearce
Andil Gosine’s Cane Portraiture” by M. R. Smith
Cane Portraiture on CNN Style
rêvenir, Medulla Art Gallery
Famalalay 2020
Andil’s rêvenir” by A. Bagoo
Tender Exchanges” by C. Robinson
 “The Treachery In Every Poem
Deities, Parts I & II, Chhaya
Coolie Coolie Viens, McIntosh Gallery
Andil Gosine: Coolie Coolie Viens,” by R. Espinet
Hidden stories” by N. Mohabir
All the Flowers, Robert McLaughlin Gallery
Visual Arts After Indenture (desktop only)

Image: “Baby Krishna” (2020) by Wendy Nanan