Andil Gosine (PhD, MPhil, BES) is Associate Professor in Art and Politics at the Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University.  His research, writing and arts practices explore imbrications of ecology, desire and power.  

Current & Upcoming Exhibitions  
Coolie Coolie Viens at McIntosh, London, opens NOVEMBER 8
Relational Undercurrents
at Frost Art Museum, Miami, until JANUARY 13 

New Publications
Coolie Coolie Viens (Exhibition Catalogue)
All the Flowers  (Exhibition Catalogue)
1, 2 (with Kelly Sinnapah Mary)
“The Ties That Bind”
Where Trauma Resides 
Visual Arts After Indenture:  Autoethnographic Reflections
My Mother’s Baby: Wrecking Work After Indentureship
Art After Indenture,” Issue 53 of  Small Axe
Andil Gosine: A Geography of Movement“ 

A complete list of publications is available here, and previous exhibitions and performances here.  Contact: 

Images: Our Holy Waters, And Mine; Untitled No. 1; Coolie Colors; Caution: Will Bear No Fruit; Now and Then (aka Blow) (detail); All the Flowers of Canada (could not); Hoodie (detail); 1, 2 (excerpt); Cane Portraiture; The Gospel of Patrick; Animal; Cutlass; Love Boat No. 1.